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Our Everything except the kilt package includes the following

If you have your own kilt but need everything else :

• Jacket and vest – choose from any style

• White shirt – choose from any style

• Belt and Celtic buckle

• Sporran – choice of semi formal, or formal
• Black brogues
• Kilt hose – choice of cream, black or charcoal
• Sgian dubh – safe (because there is no blade)

Cost of hire for everything except the kilt $199.00

NOTE - Items can be removed from package and the price will be reduced accordingly.

Our Kilt Outfits

Click the outfit your interested below.

How It Works

Hiring a kilt outfit has never been easier

Call Or Email

Call or email to make an appointment and come in.

Measure Up

Come in am get yourself measured up.

Ship To You

We ship your outfit to arrive 3 days before your event.

Easy Return

Slap on the supplied return lable & post the first business day after your event.

Sydney's premer supplier

of the hire and sale of formal and semi-formal highlander wear..